Your Couples Mindset Assessment

Every partner in every relationship has a belief system about how the relationship should work and how they should be treated. Some partners have what I call the Fantasy Relationship Mindset: They believe that the quality of their intimate bond with their partner is unchangeable. So they focus on their partner’s flaws and what’s lacking in the relationship instead of working on developing a more meaningful relationship. They also believe that love should be effortless.

In the Long-Lasting Relationship Mindset, partners believe the quality of their relationship: the friendship, intimacy, and sex life can be developed through intentional efforts because the relationship they have today is just the starting point. This mindset is built on the creativity required to overcome obstacles together and a love for exploring your partner and the relationship.  This mindset deepens relationships and recognizes that a great relationship requires effort and growth from both partners.

Which mindset are you? Take the assessment below and find out.

Note: This assessment is intended to be psychoeducational. If you would like a full evaluation of your relationship, you can schedule an assessment with me here.