The Boundaries Of Love

It’s easy to believe that true intimacy has no boundaries – forever interlocking your beloved’s heart and yours in insatiable love. However, healthy relationships require partners to have clearly expressed boundaries – both in intimate and professional ones.

Relationship boundaries are emotionally expressed fences built in order to prevent people from taking advantage, or crossing the line of your values. Boundaries walk hand-in-hand with getting our needs met, authentically expressing ourselves, and maintaining a strong identity.

That’s why I’ve written a 24-page ebook on some of the ways boundaries affect our self-worth and how asserting our needs can actually make us happier and more attractive. In the book, you’ll learn

  1. How not asserting ourselves causes relationship troubles
  2. How emotional boundaries build self-esteem
  3. How not taking care of our needs, prevents us from taking care of another person

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