Relationship Resources

The Secure Attachment Path Course

This course is designed to guide you through the intricacies of attachment styles and their impact on relationships. By enrolling in The Secure Attachment Path, you will learn how to:

  • Explore your own attachment style and how it influences your relationship dynamics. Uncover patterns and triggers that hinder intimacy and connection.
  • Begin to identify your longing for your intimate relationships
  • How the four main attachment styles (secure, anxious, avoidant, and disorganized) interact with each other. Understand the underlying fears, needs, and behaviors associated with each style.
  • Develop empathy and compassion for your partner’s attachment style. Learn to recognize and validate their emotional needs, fostering a sense of safety and security in the relationship. And the space for you to be understood and feel secure.
  • Acquire practical tools and techniques to navigate challenges associated with different attachment styles. Learn how to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, and foster intimacy and trust.
  • Begin to make different decisions that cultivate a secure attachment style within yourself and in your partnership. Foster a strong foundation of trust, emotional availability, and intimacy.

Unlock the power of secure attachment by enrolling The Secure Attachment Path Course.


7 Day Emotional Connection Challenge

Love is a journey, not a destination. Explore your partner’s inner world while learning the skills to deepen your emotional connection.

I’m going to teach you and your partner how to deepen your emotional connection to each other in just 7 days.

Each day, you will get an adventure from me, with the following:

    • An audio recording, with step-by-step instructions explaining how to improve the emotional connection in your relationship
    • A powerful relationship tool to emotionally, intimately, and authentically connect with your partner
    • A PDF version of the day’s tool, which you can customize specifically for your relationship

Take the challenge here.


Attachment Style Quiz

Attachment strategies play a pivotal role in shaping the quality of our romantic relationships.

Take a research based Attachment Quiz to unveil your unique attachment style and gain valuable insights into how your strategies influence your relationships.

Take the short quiz here.


My Top Nine Relationship Books

Ever Google for books or websites about relationships? You’ll soon realize that there is a LOT of advice. This makes it overwhelming to decide which ones are actually going to make your relationship better.

Feeling overwhelmed sucks. That’s why I went ahead and did the work for you. I’ve spoken with over 50 couples therapist and relationships coaches to discover the top three books in three categories: Relationships, Polyamory, and Sex. Enjoy!

The Best Relationship BooksThe Best Polyamory BooksThe Best Sex Books

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5 Relationship Books That Will Profoundly Change The Way You Love

Apps For Relationships

If you want to improve and strengthen the emotional connection in your relationship, then I highly recommend downloading The Gottman Institutes Card Deck App on your phone: Gottman Card Decks. These card decks are normally $15 each and now they are completely free!