Intimate Relationships

What makes love last? Is it communication? Amazing sex? Money?

The Lasting Love Checklist

Lasting love isn't as easy at it sounds. It requires work. It requires a continuous effort to intentionally invest in our relationships.

Unlike most checklists, my Lasting Love Checklist doesn’t tell you to go on walks with your partner everyday or offer other mundane things that don't get to the heart of our love life.

All the habits and things a relationship “should” do doesn’t start with that. Those things are started when the deeper things are addressed.

3 Reasons You Need My Lasting Passionate Relationship Checklist:

  • The checklist gives you the foundation to become your best self. It challenges you to reach your full potential as a lover and person.
  • You’ll have the best sex of your life using the sixth item on the checklist.
  • The ninth item will increase your partner’s attraction to you so much that they may never leave you (or stop trying to initiate sex).

The sooner you start checking items off this list, the sooner you'll find yourself in a loving, intimate, fulfilling, satisfying, emotionally connected relationship!

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