5 Secrets to Finding Love

Lasting love

Let’s reflect on the types of people you’re currently attracting.

Do You Attract Someone Who:

  • Sends ambiguous messages about their feelings and commitment to the relationship.
  • Longs for an ideal relationship, but subtly hints that you are not that ideal person.
  • Disregards your emotional needs.
  • Tells you that you are “too needy,” “the sensitive one” or “overreacting.”

The truth is you will never be happy if your needs for intimacy, availability, and security go unmet. The key to finding the love of your life who can fulfill those needs is to recognize your needs and believe they are legitimate.

Instead of trying to find ways to change yourself to get someone to fall in love with you, like so many relationship books advise, change your question: Is this person willing to provide what I need in order to be happy?

I put together a special ebook designed to help you understand why you attract and are attracted to emotionally unavailable partners and ways you can find a parnter who will:

  • Stop blaming or isolating you in your relationship and start deeply connecting with you.
  • Have your best interest at heart. Not just by saying the right things, but doing the right things too.
  • Take an interest in your deepest desires and protect your vulnerabilities without judging you.
  • Communicate in a way that creates intense intimacy, even during the difficult talks.

All this is possible and the 5 secrets to achieving this amazing relationship are in Authentic Attraction: 5 Secrets to Lasting Love.
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