A Creative Exercise to Answer Your Most Burning Relationship Question: With Briana MacWilliam

This month Briana MacWilliam and I are sharing a 4-part video series to provide a rich and valuable educational experience in the realms of love and relationships, based on the FAQs from our respective audiences.

In our first video, we discussed the question: “How do I communicate my needs in a relationship?” You can watch it here.

In our second video, we addressed a special question in honor of Valentine’s Day: “How can I spice up the romance in my relationship?” You can watch it here.

In our third video, we address the question: “What is the difference between love and attachment?” You can watch it here.

Today we explore a creative exercise to answer your most burning question about love.

Specifically, you will be asked to…

  1. Raise a question
  2. Create a scribble drawing
  3. Find a symbol or shape in the scribble
  4. Bring it into the body and ask it to go somewhere
  5. Ask it a question
  6. Gather the response
  7. Write it down
  8. Write down a follow-up question with the dominant hand
  9. Answer with the non dominant hand

Make sure you watch the video for the full experience.

If our video brings up questions, as it should, feel free to ask them in the comments located here. Briana and I will be addressing these questions on a livestream early next month.

And if you want to learn more about how I assists couples with fostering intimacy, check out this Intimacy 5 Challenge here.

If you are interested in learning more about what attachment style you have, and how knowing your attachment style might offer simpler solutions to your relationship problems, I invite you to take Briana’s quiz.

With love,

Kyle Benson

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A Creative Exercise to Answer Your Most Burning Relationship Question: With Briana MacWilliam