5 Habits of Emotionally Wealthy Marriages



Do you want to be emotionally wealthy in your relationship?

If so, let’s break this down.

It turns out the number one thing couples fight about is nothing.

This not-so-earth-shattering discovery was made in Dr. Gottman’s Love Lab after spending more than 40 years studying over 3,000 couples.… Continue reading Here

6 Steps to Financial Wealth in Your Marriage

6 Steps to Financial Wealth in Your Marriage

Financial Wealth

Managing money in marriage can create tension between partners, bankrupting the relationship both financially and emotionally. This is because arguments about money are not about money. Money has a deeper meaning than the dollar value it elicits – it represents security, freedom, and the opportunity to achieve our dreams.… Continue reading Here

Women Do Not Judge Attractiveness by a Man’s Resources



Attractiveness is a game of blind man’s poker.

Let’s put 50 men and 50 women in a sealed hotel conference room. What happens next?

Groups would began to form.


But how do these groups form? What is the basis for the group of men, the group of women, the mixed group and the loners in the room?… Continue reading Here