This is Dating: A Podcast About First Dates

This is Dating: A Podcast About First Dates


This is Dating is a podcast about something that we can all relate to – first dates! Throughout the podcast episodes, you will be able to witness first dates from a perspective you’ve never been able to before. The hosts, Join Hiwote Getaneh, Logan Ury, Jesse Baker, and Eleanor Kagan guide people’s first dates.Continue reading Here

The Honest Path to Finding a Lifelong Partner With Rachel Russo

First Date

I’ll be honest, dating can be difficult. It’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed with the number of possible ways to find a life partner, with deciding whether to go on a second date or cancel and eat Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy, or with knowing when to commit to someone.… Continue reading Here

A Creative Exercise to Answer Your Most Burning Relationship Question: With Briana MacWilliam

Choose Love

This month Briana MacWilliam and I are sharing a 4-part video series to provide a rich and valuable educational experience in the realms of love and relationships, based on the FAQs from our respective audiences.

In our first video, we discussed the question: “How do I communicate my needs in a relationship?”… Continue reading Here