5 Ways to Build Emotional Wealth in Your Relationship

5 Ways to Build Emotional Wealth in Your Relationship

emotional wealth

Do you want to build emotional wealth in your relationship?

If so, let’s break this down.

Building Emotional Wealth in Relationships

It turns out the number one thing couples fight about is nothing.

This not-so-earth-shattering discovery was made in Dr. Gottman’s Love Lab after spending more than 40 years studying over 3,000 couples.… Continue reading Here

5 Steps to the Roach Motel of Relationships & How to Stay Out of It

5 Steps to the Roach Motel of Relationships & How to Stay Out of It

roach motel

Have you ever heard of the Roach Motel?

In Dr. John Gottman’s observational research of heterosexual, gay, and lesbian couples,1 he found that in every interaction couples were either nice, neutral, or nasty toward each other.

It doesn’t take Dr.… Continue reading Here

Criticism Kills Relationships: Why this Habit is Poisonous

criticism kills relationships

criticism kills relationships

Is it true that criticism kills relationships?

No one wants to stay in a relationship that makes them feel more judged than admired. Yet, it’s too common for couples to see the other person as the problem, leading to constant criticism.Continue reading Here

Ways to Cultivate a Strong Romantic Relationship

romantic relationship

romantic relationship

It’s a misconception that a romantic relationship is healthy and happy because there is a lack of negative or nasty conflict. 

Even if partners aren’t having conflict or partaking in other unhealthy relational habits, they will grow apart simply because they aren’t dedicating the time and effort to remain emotionally connected. Continue reading Here

The War of Independence In Relationships



The idea that partners shouldn’t be needy and should be independent creates a lack of security in the relationship. Often, there’s a war of independence going on in relationships that is fought for no good reason.

Meet Kim and Kevin.

Continue reading Here

9 Secrets of Happy, Healthy, and Emotionally Committed Relationships



Creating emotionally committed relationships is similar to baking the most delicious muffins.

This weekend, I attempted to bake gluten-free muffins.

It got me thinking… if lasting love had specific ingredients, what would need to be mixed together?

What would make it delicious year after year?Continue reading Here

Make Your Toxic Relationship Healthy

Healthy Relationship


This article was originally published on August 30, 2016, and has been updated.

Having a toxic relationship isn’t as uncommon as you think.

Love is a dance of connection and disconnection. Some of us need more connection, others need independence.

What if I told you there were only two roads to making a toxic relationship healthier?… Continue reading Here

The People Pleaser’s Inner Child Work in Adult Relationships With Briana MacWilliam

Emotional Block

In this Facebook Live, Briana MacWilliams and I dive deep into the following three things:

  1. How a people pleaser identity can inhibit a healthy relationship and how to become a more authentic romantic partner.
  2. Partner aggression and suggestions on how to navigate it.
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How Can I Spice Up the Romance in My Relationship? With Briana MacWilliam

Meaningful Love

In our last video, Briana and I discussed the question: “How do I communicate my needs in a relationship?

Today, we address a special question in honor of Valentine’s Day: “How can I spice up the romance in my relationship?”Continue reading Here