Dating and Relationships

Dating and relationships covers topics from attachment theory, to sex, to meeting people, to expectations, to how love works.

5 Tips to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

long-distance relationship

long-distance relationship

If you’re in a long-distance relationship (LDR), you’ve probably wondered, “Is this worth it?” “Will this work out?” “What about the guy my best friend wants to set me up with who lives right down the street?”

Long-distance relationships, like close-proximity relationships, can be challenging, and they can cause doubts.… Continue reading Here

This is Dating: A Podcast About First Dates

This is Dating: A Podcast About First Dates


This is Dating is a podcast about something that we can all relate to – first dates! Throughout the podcast episodes, you will be able to witness first dates from a perspective you’ve never been able to before. The hosts, Join Hiwote Getaneh, Logan Ury, Jesse Baker, and Eleanor Kagan guide people’s first dates.Continue reading Here

Ways to Cultivate a Strong Romantic Relationship

romantic relationship

romantic relationship

It’s a misconception that a romantic relationship is healthy and happy because there is a lack of negative or nasty conflict. 

Even if partners aren’t having conflict or partaking in other unhealthy relational habits, they will grow apart simply because they aren’t dedicating the time and effort to remain emotionally connected. Continue reading Here

4 Anxious Attachment Strategies That Sabotage Intimate Relationships

Couples therapy


Your attachment style can significantly influence the way that you relate to other people, including your comfort with emotional intimacy, how you connect (or don’t) and communicate (or don’t), with romantic partners.1

A key to changing the quality and security of your romantic relationships is first learning how your attachment system becomes activated and becoming mindful of your unconscious attachment strategies (healthy or not so healthy) to regain security in your intimate bond.… Continue reading Here

A Relationship Built of Dependency: The Paradox of Love


Every relationship involves some level of dependency. But in a relationship built of dependency entirely, a chronic sense of anxiety begins to creep in.

Our partners powerfully affect our ability to thrive in life. They influence how we feel about ourselves and what we believe we are capable of.… Continue reading Here

Negative Interpretations in Romantic Relationships: When What You Think Happened Is Worse Than What Actually Happened

Negative Interpretations in Romantic Relationships: When What You Think Happened Is Worse Than What Actually Happened


One of the most destructive patterns in romantic relationships is negative interpretations. A negative interpretation occurs when a significant other believes that the motives of their partner are more negative than they actually are.1

This toxic behavior is a silent killer of relationships.… Continue reading Here

The Intentions vs. Impact Debate: When Partner’s Unintentionally Hurt Each Other



How do you respond when your partner questions your intentions?

Do you get angry? Defensive?

I do.

One of the big reasons we struggle with relationship conflict is due to the misunderstanding caused by the intention vs. impact battle.

In Dr.… Continue reading Here

5 Steps to Inspire Your Partner to Join You in Attending Couples Therapy



Relationship challenges are inevitable. When both partners are willing to face the challenges hand-in-hand and work together to find win-win solutions, most problems can be managed.

But sometimes couples lack the skills and tools to work through even solvable problems in their relationship.… Continue reading Here

The Conflict Escalator: The ABCs of Escalating Conflict



Have you ever taken an escalator? You start at the bottom and without paying attention to what’s actually going on, you move up and up.

It’s the same thing when it comes to escalating conflict.

Escalation within a couple’s conflict happens when each partner communicates in a way that leads to harsher comments, more intense emotions, and the volume going upwards, figuratively and literally.… Continue reading Here