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6 Signs of a Toxic Relationship

6 Signs of a Toxic Relationship

If your “intimacy button” differs from your partner’s, you enter a perfect storm preventing both parties from getting what you want.

It’s like starting a weight loss program with Big Macs and supersized french fries on the menu.

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The Honest Path to Finding a Lifelong Partner With Rachel Russo

First Date

I’ll be honest, dating can be difficult. It’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed with the number of possible ways to find a life partner, with deciding whether to go on a second date or cancel and eat Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy, or with knowing when to commit to someone.… Continue reading Here

The People Pleaser’s Inner Child Work in Adult Relationships With Briana MacWilliam

Emotional Block

In this Facebook Live, Briana MacWilliams and I dive deep into the following three things:

  1. How a people pleaser identity can inhibit a healthy relationship and how to become a more authentic romantic partner.
  2. Partner aggression and suggestions on how to navigate it.
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You Are Only As Insecure As The Relationship You’re In

You Are Only As Insecure As The Relationship You’re In


When Maddie met Steve, she fell for him quickly. He was an independent and self-reliant business owner. The conversations were interesting and she admired his ambition. She was giddy when she was around him. She finally felt like she had found someone she wanted to be with after so many terrible first and second dates.… Continue reading Here

An Always Happy Relationship is a Doomed Relationship

An Always Happy Relationship is a Doomed Relationship


A relationship pattern that ends in heartbreak is founded on deception and lack of emotional connection. Deception is birthed from the scar that taught us that revealing our true needs only causes more unpleasant conflict.

When we cut out this part of ourselves, we do so under the belief that maintaining good feelings in the relationship will keep the relationship.… Continue reading Here

4 Common Solvable Problems in Romantic Relationships

Solving Problems

Solving Problems

This article originally appeared on Verily.

Although every happy relationship is different, every relationship has solvable problems and unsolvable problems. Dr. John Gottman has identified four of the most common solvable relationship conflicts for couples: technology, work stress, money, and housework.… Continue reading Here