My Recommended Reading List

Below is a reading list offering the best books I’ve read across a variety of disciplines based on countless hours of reading and research.  Over 200 books are organized to help you maximize your health, social and love life.


I. Nonfiction Books

I want to learn how to improve…

My Lifestyle

What it’s about – The books I recommend will take you on a deeper introspection that will teach you how to be happier, get fit, make more money or live a life that causes you to wake up saying, “I can’t believe I get paid to do this.”


My Dating Life

What it’s about – If you’re single and want to find your ideal partner, then I highly recommend reading books that will help you understand the psychology of attraction as well as how, why and where you are (or are not) attracting the type of person you want to be with.


My Relationships

What it’s about – If you’re in a relationship and are having difficulties in feeling loved or your sex life is about as exciting as watching paint dry, then I highly recommend reading books on intimacy, communication, and sex to deeply understand scientifically proven ways to have the passionate and healthy relationship you deserve.

III. Biographies, Memoirs & Fiction

I am a huge fan of non-fiction, but I’ve also learned a ton on love, life and happiness from biographies, memoirs & beautifully written fiction books.  Each night I read 10 pages in either a biography, memoir or a fiction book. By looking through the eyes of people before us, we can open up our mind to new ways of thinking that can radically shift the story of our lives.

I want to read…

Biographies, Memoirs & Fiction Books

 IV. Culture, Trends, and Humanity

What makes humans humans? All over the world people are trying to figure out what makes us tick. Fortunately some writers have taken the time to explore the complexities of huamn nature in some must read books.

I want to read…

Culture, Trends and Humanity Books