Author: Kyle Benson

Kyle Benson is an Intentionally Intimate Relationship coach providing practical, research based tools to build long-lasting relationships. Kyle is best known for his compassion and non-judgemental style and his capacity to seeing the root problem. Download the Intimacy 5 Challenge to learn where you and your partner can improve your emotional connection and build lasting intimacy.

Intentional Relationship Mindset Shift: You, Me, & We

you, me, we
you, me, and we

“In probably the most reliable survey ever done on divorce, by Lynn Gigy, Ph.D., and Joan Kelly, Ph.D., from the Divorce Meditation Project in Corte Madera, California, 80% of divorced men and women said their marriage broke up because they gradually grew apart and lost a sense of closeness, or because they did not feel loved and appreciated.”

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Honest Sex: An Interview with Shana James

Honest Sex

Shana James is a relationship coach, facilitator, as well as author. She has a masters in psychology, is certified in DISC and Positive Intelligence, and is a certified mental fitness coach with 20 years of experience.  

In her book, Honest Sex: A Passionate Path to Deepen Connection and Keep the Passion Alive, Shana bridges the gap between building trust and keeping the passion alive.… Continue reading Here

Intentional Relationship Conflict: Wildfires vs. Bonfires

Intentional Relationship Conflict: Wildfires vs. Bonfires

intentional relationship conflict

How is intentional relationship conflict different from conflict in general?

Conflict in intimate relationships is like fire. For some of us it becomes a wildfire, burning out of control, emotionally burning each partner.

For others, it turns into a controlled bonfire that brings us closer together as we talk, laugh, and learn more about one another.… Continue reading Here

Codependency, Vulnerability, and Your Part in It



Each of us plays a role in our relationships and the dynamics that are created, nurtured, or enabled between us and our partners. Sometimes these dynamics can be unhealthy, such as when partners become codependent. 

Codependency is something that countless people experience in their relationships, and it can be easy for partners to not recognize this for what it is and what role they play. Continue reading Here

Anxiously Attached: An Interview with Jessica Baum

Anxiously Attached: An Interview with Jessica Baum

Jessica Baum, founder of The Relationship Institute of Palm Beach and its sister company Be Self-full®, is a certified substance abuse specialist with a focus in chemical abuse, co-dependency, and anxiety. She is also an Imago therapist, and she uses the Imago approach to treat family systems and relationship issues. Continue reading Here