Attachment Style Quiz

Attachment strategies play a pivotal role in shaping the quality of our romantic relationships. 

Take a research based Attachment Quiz to unveil your unique attachment style and gain valuable insights into how your strategies influence your relationships.

Why should you take this quiz?

Empower Yourself with Knowledge: Identifying and naming your attachment strategies is the first step towards taming the areas that may be causing chaos or dissatisfaction in your relationship. Understanding what strategies work and what doesn't is key to fostering healthier, more fulfilling connections.

Unlock the Potential for Change: Armed with knowledge about your attachment style, you can embark on a journey of personal/relational growth and transformation. Cultivate stronger, more secure, and passionately intimate romantic relationships by making informed choices.

Harness the Power of Awareness: When you understand your attachment strategies, you gain the ability to update your relational toolkit. You can replace ineffective tools with those that truly work, enhancing your relationship's vitality and resilience.

Take the Attachment Assessment Quiz today. Your journey to more satisfying, fulfilling connections begins here.

Attachment Quiz

This brief online assessment was designed for educational purposes by Kyle Benson and Kimberly Castelo. 

A little bit about Kim and Kyle

We are both relationship experts and Certified Sex Therapists.  We both come from an attachment lens in our therapy practice and see everything from attachment in our personal lives.  

We love to teach, to be transparent, and to help people build deeper connections.  That is why we created this course (and more courses to follow) to help people co-create deep, meaningful relationships.  

We would be honored if you would journey with us and learn what we have learned: that learning about your attachment style is the foundation for creating deeper, more meaningful relationships.