Month: December 2016

The Risky Paradox of Love: The More You Give, The More You Feel



Love is often perceived as this easy thing that everyone is capable of doing. I find this to be untrue. To love and be loved can create anxiety.

To have the faith that we are lovable and beautiful with our scars, not just temporarily, but permanently in our own heart, is a questionable endeavor for many.… Continue reading Here

The Magic 6 Hours That Make Love Last (Based on Research)

Lasting Love

lasting love

This article was originally published on The Gottman Relationship Blog. 

All of your relationship problems cannot be solved by reading a book, attending a weekend workshop, or enrolling in couples therapy. With that said, learning what distinguishes happy couples from unhappy ones can change the course of how you and your partner love each other.… Continue reading Here

The One Daily Talk That Will Change Your Relationship



This article was originally published on the Gottman Relationship Blog

When Steven gets home from work, his partner Katie asks him, “How was your day, dear?” Their conversation goes like this.

Steven: At my weekly meeting my manager challenged my knowledge of our products and told the CEO that I am incompetent.… Continue reading Here