Month: May 2016

How To Fight If Your Marriage Matters



Tough marriage conflicts can turn into a perfect storm.

Marriage conflicts can be nastyThey can flood the streets of love with the sewage of personal attacks. From what I’ve learned, beating up a loved one is never a fair fight. You know their deepest vulnerabilities, their most important values.… Continue reading Here

5 Relationship Books That Will Profoundly Change The Way You Love

Love Books

Do you like having orgasms?

I do. There’s nothing like a full-body-shaking, breath-taking, heart-pounding orgasm that causes me to wake up the neighbors. But as much as I love sexual orgams, I love stimulating my brain. I love it when something blows my mind.… Continue reading Here

Why Is Sex Such A Massive Issue For Unhappy Couples?

Unhappy Couples

Unhappy Couples

Sex shows the most vulnerable surfaces of the body in the most openly exposing positions. This experience causes many to only have sex with the lights off; to close their eyes to avoid eye contact so their partner cannot see the real vulnerable self lurking in the windows to their souls.… Continue reading Here