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Intimacy ("Into-me-I-let-you-see") requires maturity and embracing the vulnerability of seeing and being seen in the most important relationship of our life.

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Hi I'm Kyle

I'm a relationship research nerd. My passion is uncovering practical and research-based tools to help romantic partners co-create an intentional relationship.  

My writing focuses on ways romantic parnters can manage conflict better, have more fun, feel more emotionally connected, and have passionate sex. The ideas come from a wide range of research including Attachment Theory, observational research of couples, and research on the effectiveness of couples and sex therapy.  

I believe that intentional communication, connection, and intimacy create long-lasting romance. I don't view myself as an expert on the human heart and love, but I love sharing what I learn from the research and real life examples of what people, like you, experience.  

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To make the most out of your couples therapy journey, I've compiled 11 valuable tips to help you maximize the effectiveness and success of your couple therapy sessions. By implementing these strategies, you can enhance your connection, foster understanding, and build a healthier, happier relationship.

In the early stages of a relationship, the excitement and butterflies are fueled by dopamine. However, as routines settle in, we often unintentionally neglect our relationship, leading to emotional distance.

The good news is that by actively investing time, energy, and effort, we can cultivate more oxytocin—the "love hormone"—which strengthens the bond between partners. But here's the key: we must shift our mindset.

In her book, Honest Sex, Shana explores how honesty impacts the relationship in and out of the bedroom. Being honest with ourselves and our lovers is the greatest key to unlocking pleasure, passion, and a deep intimate connection.


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